Cabarete Dominican Republic Overview

Cabarete is a beach town located in North Coast of the Dominican Republic. It’s probably the most diverse beach town in the entire country, as there are many expats from all over the world. There are especially a lot of Europeans. Besides the tropical weather, the main reason there are so many expats come here is because of the large kitesurfing community. Cabarete is one of the top places in the entire world for this sport.


The most efficient way to get here is by flying into Puerta Plata airport and then taking a taxi ride over. It’s the most efficient way, but also the most expensive way. Puerta Plata is a small airport and thus, is quite expensive. You would save a lot of money by flying into the Santiago airport, although you would then have to take bus over to Sosua, and then a taxi or small-bus to Cabarete. The good news is that the buses in the Dominican Republic are comfortable.

The top bus company is Caribe Tours and they travel all across the country to the largest cities. So even if you were staying in Santo Domingo, you could still get to Cabarete in several hours.


This is a small town, so there’s not going to be many traditional taxis. However there are some regular taxi cars and vans that service both Cabarete and Sosua. But usually you will have to call them to pick you up. The most common taxi is the motor taxis which are all around town. You can’t walk down the street for more than a couple minutes without a motor taxi stopping to offer you a ride.

These motor taxis are not the safest, but they are the cheapest and most efficient. The standard rate is 25 pesos during the day, and 50 at night.

Where to Stay

Ideally you want to stay on the main street that runs parallel to the beach, and the closer to the beach the better. There are plenty of hotels and resorts that are right on the beach, but you’re going to have to pay more for them. To save money, you can choose to stay a little off the main strip. However it would be difficult to walk to the beach, so you would have to take taxis every day. There are websites online such as that offer affordable apartments and condos for short-term rent.

City Layout

The layout is quite simple. There is a large, beautiful beach that stretches for miles on end. The kite surfers stay on one side of the beach, and the other side is just like any other normal beach where you can relax and swim. There are restaurants and shops right on the beach or just across the street. The main street runs parallel to the beach. Ideally this is where you want to stay.

Beach in Cabarete

Kite Surfing

If you’re a kite surfer, then this is the perfect place for you. Or if you want to learn how to kite surf, then there really is no better place in the world. The weather and wind is just ideal for this sport. The kite surfing equipment is expensive to bring on planes, so luckily you rent or buy equipment here for an affordable price. Note that there is also traditional surfing here but it’s not nearly as popular.

The best short-term lodging option for a kite surfer is the Extreme Hotel. It’s for those who are active in the sport and also for those people who are in great physical shape.


When coming here, it’s important that you stay safe. In order to stay safe you have to take your usual Dominican Republic safety precautions. This means keeping a low profile, not flashing valuables, not getting involved with drugs, and not looking to hire any prostitutes. If you follow these general guidelines and act smart then you shouldn’t run into any problems. For a more detailed safety guide, check out this article.

Cabarete is not nearly as bad as Sosua when it comes to prostitutes, but they are still prevalent as with any of the North Coast towns. They can be annoying for sure. Always give them a firm no and don’t let them get close enough to touch you. If they are close enough to touch you then they are also close enough to rob you. Speaking of which, you never want to be out with a lot of cash. Ideally your hotel or apartment should have a safe that you can leave your passport and valuables in.


Cabarete is one of the nicest beach towns in the country, and a great place to stay if you want to visit the North Coast of the DR. I would recommend a short stay if you were just looking to relax for a few days. Longer stays are definitely possible too.

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