Welcome to my site, DominicanLiving.net. My name is Joe and I made this site in order to help other travelers and expats who come to the Dominican Republic.

I first came here 15 years ago and it was truly love at first sight. The people here are warm and friendly and the country as whole is simply beautiful. But let this be a warning- if you come here then you may not want to leave and could end up living here for 15 years like myself. In all seriousness, this is a great country for either a short-term visit or as a place to settle down.

On this site I will give my account of living in the Dominican Republic while offering tips, suggestions, and advice that can help you out. Whether you are a first time travel to the D.R. or are an established expat, I’m sure you can receive some value from what I post.

Dominican Beach

Here is more details on what to expect when reading the site:

  • Recommended Excursions: One of the most fun things to do is escape from the town or city you are staying in and do something fun. This could mean white water rafting in Jarabacoa, or riding an ATV through the countryside of Boca Chica.
  • Safety information: This is a relatively safe country, but you still have to be careful here. In order to stay safe you need to stick to the good areas and don’t do anything stupid.
  • Expat information: Are you looking to live in the D.R.? If so then there are certain things you need to know. Times have changed, and the laws have changed as well.
  • Santo Domingo content: The largest city in the Caribbean, Santo Domingo has so much life to it and there is just so much to do here. Whether you want to go see ruins or experience the nightlife, Santo Domingo has something for everyone. Expect a lot of posts related to this vibrant city.
  • City Guides: Santo Domingo isn’t the only city here, there are some other cool cities to visit in the D.R. They are smaller but they can be just as enjoyable. Most of the them can be fully explored in only a couple days.
  • Photos: This country is quite picturesque, and for that reason I will post plenty of photos to show you what the country is truly like. You are also welcome to submit your own photos via our contact page.